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Sausage Products

Here at our farm in Carmarthenshire, we handcraft all of our sausages every week. We use meat from our own pigs and carefully select herbs and spices from trusted suppliers we've known for years. Our sausage varieties range from traditional Cumberland to unique flavours like Marmalade and Pork. Our dedication to quality and flavour is evident in every bite of our sausages. We take pride in the fact that our pigs are raised with care and attention, resulting in meat that is tender and full of flavour. The herbs and spices we use are chosen with precision, ensuring that each sausage has a perfect balance of taste. Whether you're a fan of classic sausages or looking to try something new and exciting, we have a variety that will satisfy your cravings. Come visit us at our farm and experience the delicious difference of our handcrafted sausages for yourself.