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30 Days Matured Sirloin Steak

30 Days Matured Sirloin Steak

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30 Days Matured Sirloin Steak

Our sirloin steak is dry-aged for 14 days on the bone. An additional 16 days of maturation adds remarkable succulence and flavour. 30 Days Matured. This extended maturation period yields a more tender, intensely flavourful steak, allowing for a unique dining experience. This added succulence and flavour make it an ideal choice for any special occasion or simply a delicious way to enjoy steak at home.

Each steak weighs approximately 250g, priced per steak. It's a generous cut of steak, perfect for those looking for a hearty, satisfying meal.

NOTE: You are purchasing 1 steak, not everything in the picture.





Shelf Life

Can be Frozen


Fridge for 7 days

Dietary Information

Not suitable for vegetarians.

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