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Albert's Original Air Dried Ham (Carmarthen Ham)

Albert's Original Air Dried Ham (Carmarthen Ham)

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Albert's Original Air Dried Ham (Carmarthen Ham)

Handmade in Carmarthenshire our Albert's Original Air Dried Ham is in every way identical to Carmarthen Ham as we are part of the family who still makes it, however, we do not want to show our unique methods of production to the "governing bodies" so we are unable by law to call it Carmarthen Ham

The recipe of Carmarthen Ham has been passed on for generations, with local legend attributing the origins of Parma Ham to a Roman theft during their time in Carmarthen. The hams are cured according to the traditional Welsh farmhouse process, with temperatures controlled according to specific guidelines prior to being air-dried to reach maturity.

Carmarthen air dried, salt-cured Ham has a delicious, balanced flavour which is the result of the skilled and experienced craftsmanship of the Rees family, passed down from Albert Rees, a market butcher in the 1970s. Its mellow, salty flavour melts in your mouth for a truly delicate taste.

The 4 or 5 kg ham is suspended in an environment ranging from 16 to 25 degrees Celsius for 6-9 months, allowing it to mature and develop a distinct taste and delicate texture. Options include selling the ham as a whole, boned, or sliced with a consistent, rich pink to dark red hue and visible white fat throughout.

To celebrate and protect this product and Welsh traditional skill, Carmarthen Ham was awarded PGI status in 2016.

NOTE: You are purchasing 1 pack of ham, not everything in the picture.


Ham, salt.



Shelf Life

Do not freeze


7 days in a fridge

Dietary Information

Not suitable for vegetarians.

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