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Pheasant Oven Ready

Pheasant Oven Ready

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Pheasant Oven Ready

Pheasant is known for its mild gamey flavour which becomes more distinctive the longer the bird has been hung, all our birds are hung for a minimum of 7 days. Pheasant is lean, rich in iron and protein but low in fat. It is versatile meat and is a fantastic tasty alternative to chicken. Oven Ready Pheasant is prepared so it is ready just to pop straight in the oven.

Oven Ready Pheasant provides an array of heart-healthy benefits, as well as an outstanding taste that can be tailored to any recipe. With just the right amount of marination, you can craft a meal that's both nutritious and delicious.

Brace = 2 birds.

Please note all our game is wild and shot and although every effort is made to remove any shot on rare occasions traces of shot may be found.


100 % Wild British Pheasant



Shelf Life

Suitable for freezing


7 days in a fridge

Dietary Information

Not suitable for vegetarians or vegans.

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