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Rolled Free Range Pork Shoulder

Rolled Free Range Pork Shoulder

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Rolled Free Range Pork Shoulder

Our tender rolled free-range pork shoulder joints come from our own pigs bred in Carmarthenshire. These joints are known for their flavourful marbling and succulent texture—a perfect choice for a gourmet dinner. You can trust that our free-range pork joint is of the highest quality and has been ethically raised to meet the highest standards of animal welfare.

Each joint weighs approximately 1kg, priced joint. These expertly crafted cuts are sure to provide a hearty meal for the whole family. Made with 100% British outdoor-reared pork, this succulent meat is an excellent source of protein, zinc, and B vitamins. With its distinctive flavour, it's sure to become a household favourite.


Free Range Pork Shoulder



Shelf Life

Suitable for freezing


7 days in a fridge

Dietary Information

Not suitable for vegetarians.

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